I want to eat your pancreas

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My unforgettable Spring. The best time of her life




Me Mahiro Takasugi
A high school student, who avoids getting to know anyone too deeply. Likes reading. Accidentally discovers Sakura’s secret after picking up “Living with Dying.”
Sakura Yamauchi Lynn
“Me’s” classmate. She has not shared with anyone outside of her family that she has limited time left due to a pancreatic disease. Cheerful, openhearted, and very outgoing.
Kyoko Yukiyo Fujii
Sakura’s best friend since they were little. She is protective of Sakura and will not let anyone who may be harmful near her. Very assertive.
Takahiro Yuma Uchida
The class representative of “Me” and Sakura’s class. An honor student with high morals. Also very popular in class.
Gum Boy Jun Fukushima
A classmate who started talking to “Me,” since meeting “Me” and Sakura. For some reason, he offers a piece of gum to “Me” whenever they talk.
My Mother Atsuko Tanaka
As his mother, she quietly and protectively watches over “Me.” Though she rarely intervenes, she has very good instincts.
My Father Shin-ichiro Miki
A humble and genuinely nice father, whose relationship with “Me” is neither good nor bad. Has a good relationship with his wife.
Sakura's Mother Emi Wakui
A very kind hearted woman, who strives to grant all of Sakura’s wishes since her daughter’s diagnosis.


Original Story
Yoru Sumino"I want to eat your pancreas" (Futabasha)
Original Illustration
Director / Screenplay
Shinichiro Ushijima
Character Design / Chief Animation Director
Yuichi Oka
Art Director
Yukako Ogawa
Sub Art Director
Yoshito Watanabe
Color Setting
Yoshinori Horikawa
Photography Supervisor
Hiroshi Saito
Director of Photography
Mayuko Koike
3D CG Director
Koremi Kishi
Yumi Jinguji
Sound Director
Shoji Hata
Sound Effects
Noriko Izumo
Hiroko Sebu
Animation Producer
Keiji Mita
Animation Production
Studio VOLN
Produced by
Your Pancreas Anime Film Partners
English Adaptation and Voice Direction
Erica Mendez